Manny Ramirez
County Commissioner, Precinct No. 4

Born and raised in Tarrant County, Precinct 4, Manny has protected and served Precinct 4 as a Fort Worth Police Officer for more than a decade. As the President of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association, Manny manages a multi-million dollar budget and is responsible for the direction of the Fort Worth Committee for Public Safety. Manny’s leadership was critical in solving the $1.6 billion Fort Worth pension shortfall. Through principled negotiations he crafted a solution that stabilized the fund and had no negative impact to our taxpayers or retirees.

Manny fights for taxpayers on the local, state, and national level, ensuring that public safety and “local control” remain top priorities in our government. To carry forward that mission, Manny was recently appointed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to the Board of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV.) Manny has owned and operated a successful small business and knows that capitalism is the engine that drives our country. Manny has dedicated his life to public service and understands the importance of conservative, common sense government.

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