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Meet the Chairman

The Honorable Rick Barnes was elected Chairman of the Tarrant County GOP at a specially called meeting of the TCGOP Executive Committee in January 2019. He was re-elected to the position through a Countywide Primary Election in March of the same year.

Rick is a life-long conservative who believes in God, the Constitution and traditional family values. He is an established speaker, author, business coach and leadership trainer. He has been a featured speaker, presenter and consultant to over 2-million audience members through corporate, international, and non-profit organizations throughout the United States and three other countries.

Mr. Barnes was born in Fort Worth as a “Gladney Baby.” Adopted and raised in West Texas by educators, he received his bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University and a master’s from Texas Christian University. Rick and Sheila Barnes will celebrate 33 years of marriage in 2021.

Rick is a dedicated and visionary leader, and as Tarrant County GOP Chair, he is committed to serving as the leader of the Tarrant County Republican Party.

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Chairman Rick Barnes

Area Leaders

Matt Graham

House District 90

Brendan Walsh

House District 91

Darl Easton

House District 92

Ruth Ray

House District 93

Steve Eklund

House District 94

David Lambertsen

House District 95

Joe Poth

House District 96

Amie Super

House District 97

Rosalie Escobedo

House District 98

Katheryn Moore

House District 99

Robert Wodarczyk

House District 101

Tarrant County SREC Members

Anne Gebhart

Senate District 9 Committeewoman

Dan Tully

Senate District 9 Committeeman

Susan Wright

Senate District 10 Committeewoman

Matt Ticzkus

Senate District 10 Committeeman

Jill Glover

Senate District 12 Committeewoman

David Wylie

Senate District 12 Committeeman

Devvie Duke

Senate District 22 Committeewoman

Jon Ker

Senate District 22 Committeeman

Elaine Cook

Senate District 23 Committeewoman

Ed Zenner

Senate District 23 Committeeman

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