Randi Hartin
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 6

Randi Hartin is the Republican nominee for County Criminal Court No. Six, soon to become Tarrant County’s second dedicated family violence court. Randi’s handling of thousands of criminal cases as both a former prosecutor at the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office and as a defense attorney in Tarrant County gives her the significant benefit of analyzing cases from multiple perspectives and has resulted in a reputation for objectivity and common sense among her colleagues that will serve her well on the bench.

As the next judge for Tarrant County Criminal Court No. Six, Randi will strive to manage a court where victims, defendants and attorneys alike will be heard and addressed with dignity and impartiality. Her commitment to efficiency will be invaluable in decreasing docket size, which has grown exceedingly due to county restrictions during the pandemic. Randi Hartin is committed to serving her community by upholding the constitutional and statutory integrity of the law.

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