Tim O'Hare
County Judge

Tim O’Hare is a 5th-generation Texan and lifelong resident of North Texas. As the Republican nominee for County Judge, he is committed to serving with integrity and transparency, doing everything he can to secure the safety, economic success, and unique character of Tarrant County. Tim is a bold leader with a proven record of standing for conservative, pro-American values. He is an attorney and successful businessman.

Tim’s political and community service includes serving as a Mayor and City Councilman, Tarrant County Republican Party Chairman, Treasurer for the Republican Party of Texas, Chairman of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Civil Service Commission, Co-Founder of Southlake Families, President of the Christian Legal Society, and many others. Tim has worked to fight against CRT in public education, lower property taxes in communities throughout the area, stand up against radical progressive ideology, made our communities safer from drug and human trafficking by bringing 287G to Texas, and helped elect conservatives to offices across the state.

When elected Tarrant County Judge, he will work to lower crime, lower property taxes, reduce spending, balance the budget, and stop the encroachment of radical leftist ideology into every aspect of our lives. Tim and his wife Christen are the parents of 4 beautiful daughters and are members of First Baptist Grapevine.

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