Welcome to the new Tarrant County Republican Party website!

It’s high time we revamp our site to be more user friendly and with updated, more appealing visuals. We think you will find the information you need through this new streamlined design.

I am also officially announcing the Tarrant County Republican Party’s new campaign, entitled Victory 2022. This campaign is 100% committed to winning the entire Republican ballot on November 8 – from the Governor all the way down to Constable.

We all must “Vote Republican Down the Ballot”!

In this campaign, you will see our message on yard signs, billboards, mailers, digital advertising, in text messages, push cards shared by volunteers, and spread through personal phone calls via phone banking.

Our candidates are standing behind us to get out the message, but we also need your help. Donate what you can by clicking “donate” at the top of our webpage. These donations will ensure Tarrant County remains in strong, conservative hands. As you know, Tarrant County is the last large, urban county in the State of Texas that is entirely red. We are asking you, the real power in the county, to help make sure that continues to be the case.

Every election you hear that this is the most important election of our time; this year, it is.

Are you tired of the high gas prices? Are you tired of inflation rising out of control? Are you tired of high-interest rates? Are you tired of the woke agenda seeping into our schools? Now is the time to act! Now is the time to make a difference and help save America! As goes Tarrant, so goes Texas. We need as many volunteers as possible to block walk, make phone calls, and donate to the party. The smallest contribution can change the course of the future.

Please complete the form on our website, and our volunteer coordinator will schedule you to help to fend off the Socialist Democrats in Tarrant.

When Republicans come together, we win. Now is the time to send a message to the California and New York Democrats pouring money into our elections: TARRANT COUNTY BELONGS TO CONSERVATIVES!

Thank you, and God Bless,

Chairman Rick Barnes

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